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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Save or Splurge?

Save or Splurge?

Yesterday I was reading a post from Her Late Night Cravings blog called Save or Splurge.  Jayme had seen this post on someone else's blog and did her own version.  This sounded interesting to me and It was actually kind of fun to sit down and think about where I like to save some pennies versus where I see nothing wrong will shelling out a little extra cash.  
I've always been a firm believer in the whole "you get what you pay for" philosophy to almost everything.  While I will admit that there are definitely things I spend good money on thinking they are necessities, my husband often disagrees to these 'frivelous luxaries', as he so often calls them, and we end up kind of compromising.  Anyways, below are the categories, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what things you splurge on and where you save! :)

1. A cocktail dress to wear to a wedding
2. A glass of wine at a restaurant 
3. A hotel room
4. A haircut
5. Wild name it!

1. Save!  I usually try to save on the actual dress and then splurge on shoes, bags, etc.  I often times find that I don't like to wear the same dress to events where the same people would have already seen me in said dress (this bothers my husband so much and is largely something I don't think most men will ever understand).  So for this reason I like to hit places like Target, Old Navy, Forever21 and even TJ Maxx.  I love the fit and flare style of dresses on my body shape, and actually find them to be quite flattering on a wide selection of women.   Here is an example of dress I recently purchased and plan to wear to my husband's company holiday party.  I will of course dress it up with some fun shoes and accessories but I scored this baby for $25 at Target and I love the balance of the heavier fabric with the accents of the soft, feminine lace details.

Photo belongs to Target

2.  SAVE!  I don't recall every going to a restaurant and ordering a glass of wine.  Only in the last year or so did I even discover that I don't mind wine.  When I order a cocktail I tend to stick with a vodka diet soda or a whiskey and diet.  In those cases, I'm fairly cheap and am fine with rail or well liquors to be used in my drink.  If I'm channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw and order something fancy like a martini, then I tend to prefer better, more expensive liquor be used! HA!

3. SAVE! I had a hard time with this question only because I tend to save on hotels when I am going away on a trip where I know the only time I will be in the hotel room will be to sleep.  Now when I say I save I don't mean I stay in some flea bag hotel that offers rooms for $60/night or something, I mean I keep the cost of my hotel a bit lower by using deal sites like Travelocity or Kayak and try to bundle things together.  If I'm going to a resort and know that I will be spending a great deal of time in my hotel room, or on site utilizing other facilities that the hotel or resort offers, then I say Splurge!

4. SPLURGE!  This is something that for me personally, I have no problem paying more for.  I think it's fantastic when you can find a stylist  you trust, who understands your hair type, what is most flattering for you, and can help maintain the overall health and appearance of your hair.  I have fine hair, but pretty much of it, I use heat on it, I color treat it, I basically put my hair through the ringer and appreciate spending money to have a stylist that uses luxury brand products, knows my hair needs and provides excellent service.  Again, you get what you pay for and when it comes to my head of hair, I'd rather pay more! 

5. For this wild card category I picked my favorite thing as of late, RIDING BOOTS!  Now I understand that cost is kind of a relative thing to people.  For instance if I say I spent $70 dollars on a pair of great riding boots from DSW and feel that I got a deal and saved, the next person might laugh, show me the pair they got from Target for $40 dollars and feel as if I splurged.  So with that I will say that I tend to SAVE on Riding Boots, and actually most shoes in general.  90% of my shoe wardrobe was purchased for $65.00 or less.  I am lusting after a pair of Cognac Frye boots, so I guess I don't always save ;)
Pictured here on the adorable Adrien from Look Good From the Back's blog!  I encourage you to pop over and check this blog out, it's so much fun and full of lust worthy items

I hope you will play along and let me know when you save and when you splurge!

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  1. Love that you did this post! Riding boots are a total splurge! Fryes are amazing! Mendi recently got a pair and I'm lusting after some. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings